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Before your customers ever make a purchase, they form an idea of what they want a garment to look, feel, and fit like. It’s a process that starts before they even enter the store with the idea to buy something.

Appropriate and effective merchandise display designs are the best way to help this important process continue to an end-goal that the customer is the most satisfied with. When using the proper display design, it makes it easy for customers to identify with all of the different styles and merchandise that you carry.

Utilizing our custom model and display forms are the first step in creating those bold displays that emphasize the quality of your merchandise. Our high quality model forms are made with the same care, craftsmanship and attention to detail as the finest clothing in your store. Using forms like these for your store displays is the perfect way to show the customer that you are offering something truly special.

By consistently producing some of the most accurate and high quality fashion forms in the industry we are helping people like you continue to influence the fashion world by creating the unique and creative atmosphere of your retail environment, while also promoting your merchandise in the most effective ways possible. Throughout our longevity we continue to provide innovative design solutions by keeping up with the ever-changing fashion world to allow for the superior quality and dependability that comes along with all of our fashion and display forms.

We encourage all of you to visit our website at, along with our Facebook page for some merchandising expertise, along with monthly fashion and design tips that will help you learn more about some great ways to increase the effectiveness of your visual display designs, fixtures, and other merchandising tools for your retail space.


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