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Merchandising Tips: Top Furniture Trends for 2015/2016

Retailers need to stay on trend – and not just in fashion. Staying current with the latest interior design and furniture trends is a great way to give your store and merchandise a cutting edge look that’s appealing to shoppers.

The latest interior design trends are all about adding a dash of color and texture to your spaces. When our custom model forms and mannequins are combined with fresh interior looks it creates high-end displays that get shoppers in the mood to spend.

Here are some of our favorite easy-to-add interior design and furniture trends.

– Bold shades of blue are in and can easily be added to your displays with accent walls, furnishings, throw pillows or wall prints. Make the blues bolder by surrounding them with a few neutral colors to balance the look.

– Gold accents add a sense of luxury that’s sure to make your latest fashions look even more appealing. Table legs, jewelry, door hardware and artfully displayed watches add an old world sensibility that draws attention to clothing details.

– Earthy textures like wood, marble, bone and horn add a sense of rustic chic to interior looks. These materials are ultra trendy but also practical, with timeless elements of style. Warm and attractive, earthy materials alongside rustic wood furniture make for cool settings to display modern fashions.

– A touch of retro chic is a great addition to any space. Anything mid-century modern is always in style. Nostalgic looks are a great pair with new fashions to show off a sense of history and style. Edison light bulbs, Mason jars, vintage prints and fashion magazine displays are a fun way to play with the trend.

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