Editorial: Welcome to our Design Community

Before your customers ever make a purchase, they form an idea of what they want a garment to look, feel, and fit like. It’s a process that starts before they even enter the store with the idea to buy something.

Appropriate and effective merchandise display designs are the best way to help this important process continue to an end-goal that the customer is the most satisfied with. When using the proper display design, it makes it easy for customers to identify with all of the different styles and merchandise that you carry.

Utilizing our custom model and display forms are the first step in creating those bold displays that emphasize the quality of your merchandise. Our high quality model forms are made with the same care, craftsmanship and attention to detail as the finest clothing in your store. Using forms like these for your store displays is the perfect way to show the customer that you are offering something truly special.

By consistently producing some of the most accurate and high quality fashion forms in the industry we are helping people like you continue to influence the fashion world by creating the unique and creative atmosphere of your retail environment, while also promoting your merchandise in the most effective ways possible. Throughout our longevity we continue to provide innovative design solutions by keeping up with the ever-changing fashion world to allow for the superior quality and dependability that comes along with all of our fashion and display forms.

We encourage all of you to visit our website at, along with our Facebook page for some merchandising expertise, along with monthly fashion and design tips that will help you learn more about some great ways to increase the effectiveness of your visual display designs, fixtures, and other merchandising tools for your retail space.


Product of the month: Kids and Men’s


Using scale and different sized visual displays to highlight your merchandise is a great way to show off the details of each part of your merchandise. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to effective displays, so it is important to keep the spotlight on your merchandise with the right sizes for each piece.

If you carry men’s and children’s clothing, a high quality display form will showcase the craftsmanship of each piece, showing the consideration you have for each size and for every shopper’s needs.

You can select from either our in-stock or custom men’s and toddlers display forms to give your store an advantage over establishments that don’t offer the same care and detailed styling. Our in-stock men’s and children forms come in size 40 for men and 4 for toddler and children’s forms. In addition to these size are our custom sizes that range from 38 to 46 for men and new born to 6 for toddler and children’s forms.

Along with these varieties in size, we also offer these forms in several different kinds of materials and colors, such as forms with wooden or metal arms and/or bases, as well as a colored or raw coloring for the different material that you chose.

You can see other measurement and size variations in the measurement charts provided below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.29.04 AM


Fashionista Trends: The Colors of Fall

In fashion, it’s always time to look ahead. Summer is about to peak and as a retailer, you know what that means—the fall fashion season is almost here.

Prepare now and bask in the benefits well before the leaves change. Here are a few tips for you to get started with.

– Bold, earthy colors are in abundance during fall. Think browns oranges and dark greens, both in the clothing you are displaying and in the accent pieces surrounding your displays.

– Fabrics in rustic textures like burlap are a great way to mirror the changing seasons and make ideal bases for wall and floor displays.

– If you want to keep the focus on the merchandise, try displaying scarves in fall colors and patterns alongside matching coats and sweaters.

– You won’t need a huge budget for fun fall store displays. Paper leaves are easy to make and add a versatile display element. Use reclaimed cardboard for a more edgy look.

– Make sure your display themes relate well to your products. Orange blazers will look fabulous next to pumpkins.

– Our model forms and mannequins look fabulous next to deconstructed accessories. Try placing a worn vintage chair next to a magnificent coat garment displayed on a custom form. It’s a great way to highlight a high quality