The Best of the New Fall Designers

The glitz and glamour of Spring Fashion Week may seem like a faint memory at this point, but with the hottest of the trends starting to roll out in boutiques and departments stores worldwide, that memory is quickly coming back to life.

If you want to keep up with the trendiest of shoppers, a must in the New York and L.A. markets, here are the names you need to make sure you have in stock.


Founded by designer Matthew Williams, former creative director for pop fashion icons Kanye West and Lady Gaga, in 2015 Alyx has quickly become a top contender in the luxury basics market. As explained on its site the ALYX collections fuse “inspiration from [Williams’] California youth and global urban subcultures.”

This Is the Uniform

After debuting in London at Fashion East, this label made its New York debut just a few short months ago. They draw inspiration from both English uniforms and streetwear culture, a mix that results in refreshing style that is sure to appeal to a wide age range.


Contrary to the typical New York stereotype, not all fashion that comes out of The City is edgy and dark. Novis, self-described by designer Jordana Warmflash as “audacious, cultured and happy” uses dynamic colors and eye-catching patterns to create jaw-dropping pieces.


Founded by an Alexander Wang knitwear alum, Phelan’s collection is full of intricately designed sweaters that are simultaneously luxe and casual. With colors patterns ranging from moderately tame to wildly offbeat, we’re sure this line has a big future.




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