Drawing Merchandising Inspiration from ICFF16

If design is a tree, the roots of home design and fashion design would be ever intertwined. Fashion influences home design, and vice versa. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the best place to catch sneak peek of the most in vogue retail sets of the year are actually at the ICFF, the annual high-end luxury furniture extravaganza.

Sleek Modernism: Classic with a Twist

In this case, sleek modernism is a term given to the combination of classic aesthetics and metallic elements with a modern silhouette. Integrating similar styles in your retail set allows you to highlight a range of collections – from ultra modern urban to the new classics.

Eco-Friendly Redesigns

The ICFF was full of classics, redesigned for minimal impact on the environment. Consumers are growing more and more aware of their global responsibility to live sustainably, with 71 percent of consumers saying they think “green” when purchasing.

While consumers are more likely to buy a brand that has claims to “green” measures or a positive social impact, they are also more likely to pay more for those claims. A recent Nielsen survey has 55 percent of global respondents saying they are willing to pay more for products with a positive social and/or environmental impact.

Global Influences

The fusion of a fashion house’s classic design and globally influenced details have been trending more and more in the recent years. Adding international influences to your shop’s window shows that you are not limited to the same old, same old, and that you can draw from other cultures to keep up with a global economy.

Natural Beauty

The one this everyone can agree on is that there is no limit to the beauty of nature. Subtle, nature-inspired design elements, such as an understated wave or cleverly placed branch, can help to emphasize the motifs of certain collections.



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