Merchandising Tips: The Purpose of Customization

It’s important to change your P.O.P displays, as well as other visual displays regularly so that you can give customers a fresh and new experience every time they shop with you. This not only makes buying your merchandise fun for the customer, but also fun for you when you’re selling it.

Next time you’re creating a merchandise display, try using our custom model and full body forms to show off your best items in groups of three. Grouping products in threes lets you accentuate certain items while also displaying complimentary pieces. Consequently, this allows you to productively distribute your merchandise and convey an appropriate and desirable atmosphere in your retail space.

With the retail market the way it is today, one of the most important merchandising tools to use is the ability to customize the display for each piece of your merchandise and working with small groups is the perfect way to do that. Today’s competitive retail environment requires something unique to stand out and given our craftsmanship and attention to detail, our display products add a sense of quality and fine workmanship that will set you apart from the rest.

Our display forms give you different options including accessories and miniature forms, along with men and children’s sizes. We also provide the option for custom wood or metal bases to complement your store’s décor, fixtures and seasonal themes, to allow for further customization of the look of the retail space and add to the customer experience.



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