Visual Merchandising Tips That Will Put Your Business One Step Ahead

One of the retail elements that greatly affect the visual merchandising efforts is the environment in the store. No one wants to have a boring product display: in fact every visual merchandiser wants to have an eye catching, interesting shop window and display to bring in as many customers as possible. Studies show that 70% of purchases are actually unplanned purchases, which shows that the store environment is an important element when it comes to getting a buyer.

There are many factors and elements you should take to make sure you have a great store environment. Some of these elements include color, visual information, music, scent, lighting, consumer density and so much more. Below is a list of visual merchandising tips and ideas that are almost certain to get you the results you’re looking for.

1) Do not limit your themes to four seasons:
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall may be the most popular and common, but there still many other merchandising themes that you can implement into your display and store. I would recommend trying to do six different themes every year. Every month is would definitely be best, but that is borderline unmanageable. By doing six different themes a year you are getting more flexibility, because this will allow you to change up your theme every other month. You can match your theme with special events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and other celebrations and holidays.

2) Use variation to support your theme:
Variation will support your theme and avoid boringness of display and decoration. You can use the same theme every year, but avoid using the same display and style. You need to create a new look or else you will only annoy your viewers. The best way to add variation is by using “scheme”. A scheme works like a sub-theme. For example: if your theme is Christmas, you can create one toy window, one Christmas party window and one white Christmas window. All three of these are different but they are related to your Christmas theme.

3) Integrate dynamic techniques in your display:
Combining multi-media, printed materials, sensory input and interactive installation into your displays are known as dynamic techniques and are becoming big visual merchandising trends, especially in the coming years because of the fast moving digital civilization. The days where retail stores only rely on simple product presentation are gone. Think about what captures the attention of busy people in this digital age where almost everyone who is passing by your store are walking so quickly, if not looking slowly while looking at their mobile phones.

4) Enhance the ambiance of your store:
By adding a little aroma, music and dramatic lighting to your store, you can create a great impression on your shoppers. Most importantly, match the type of ambiance with the lifestyle and culture of your target market.
When it comes to visual merchandising, your creativity can take you and your business a long way. It will give you that edge above your competition you have been looking for and the results will show in the sales report at the end of the month.



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