Must Have Presentations For Spring

In the world of retail, looks matter. The weather is warming up, and it’s about time to put those layers away and step into the sunshine. Spring is the season of new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate than to update your store window displays! A bold new Spring window display might be just what you need to convince your customers to check out all your new Spring merchandise. Here are 3 great Spring window display themes that will have your customers feeling great before they even walk through the door.

April Showers & May Flowers

Creating a positive experience for your customers is always the main goal when they come into your store. What better way to do so than to remind everyone spring is here with an April showers and May flowers theme. Cut some fun colored paper into cloud shapes and attach ribbons to the ends to signify spring April showers. You could also try attaching a string of cut out raindrops to your cloud creation. May flowers are always a great way to decorate for your spring theme because they can be used year round. The possibilities of color and size are endless, so let your imagination run wild.

Bright Colors

Spring is the time to bring back those soft pastels, vivid bright colors and bold patterns to your store and displays. Try to accessorize your store full of fun spring colors to set a cheerful mood for your customers. Decorating your store in bright spring colors will help transition from gloomy winter weather, and it will bring some fresh new life into your store’s new arrivals.


An upcycled window display can be the perfect thing for you and your store if you’re looking for a cute and creative way to display spring merchandise on a budget. You can use an extra ladder or bicycle accessorized with your hottest new merchandise, along with a bouquet of some colorful flowers.

By introducing spring into your store theme and window displays it gives your customers a breath of fresh air after a long and cold winter. As a merchandiser, you always want to create a positive shopping experience for your buyers, and what better way of doing that than creating a positive and happy feeling before they even walk through the door. When you introduce happiness and positive reinforcement to your customers, there is a much better chance they will be willing to buy from you.



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