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Fall trends: What to expect

This fall, you’ll be seeing red, and not just in the vividly hued leaves fluttering in the breeze. This vibrant color made numerous appearances on the fall fashion runways, and you haven’t seen the last of it yet.

Red is making a power play from head to toe, with a lot of red leather to be found. And it’s not simply being used as an accent color; numerous designers graced the runways with monochromatic looks.

Power seems to be a theme, with power suits making a grab for a share of the limelight. Double-breasted jackets are popular, paired with everything from leggings to straight-legged slacks to baggy pants.

Kinky boots?

In what looks like something from the popular Broadway show, glitzy boots are all the rage. From ankle boots to those that are literally and figuratively over the top, these boots are not for those who want to blend into the crowd. You’ll want to wear these boots with a pair of chic sunglasses — to minimize the glare.

Forever plaid

The ‘70s are back in style, at least the plaid patterns you thought (hoped?) you’d never see again. But they’re making a comeback, in everything from coats to suits to pants. You’ll find them in a range of color combos, from conservative blacks, grays and tans to patterns tinged with blues, golds and, of course, reds.

Speaking of the ‘70s, we hate to tell you but, yes, leisure suits are baaaaack. Well, you might call them track suits or warmup suits. Whatever you call them, you’re sure to call them comfy. Luckily, it’s an updated look, with hoodies and insets of contrasting fabric to make things interesting.

But wait, there’s more! Yes, there’s more B.S. from the ‘70s. That is, Broad Shoulders. Women with ample hips will be cheering everywhere, for this profile balances out their pear-shaped figures. Everyone else will be wondering why they ever ripped out those shoulder pads in the first place.

Topping it all off

You can’t go wrong with retro this fall, especially when it comes to hats. Several designers opted for fabrics of yesteryear, like fur and shearling. The shapes are big and bold, many with large brims. Good news is, if you have a bad hair day, simply cover it up in style.

fall trends


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