Outerwear: Trends not to miss

There’s more to outerwear than simply protecting us from the elements. You can make a fashion statement with coats, jackets and vests.

This fall is filled with outerwear trends, take ’em or leave ’em. Let’s look at some of the hottest trends for cold weather.

Camel coats

This classic has been a wardrobe staple for generations. It should be noted that “camel-hair” coats are no longer made of camel’s hair. They are, however, an essential piece for any tailored wardrobe. Styles range from the traditional double-breasted coat to open, flowing designs.

Cocoon coats

For a streamlined look, choose a cocoon coat. This versatile coat can easily transition from a day at the office to a night on the town.

Corduroy coats

Corduroy isn’t just for kids; it’s making a comeback this year in jackets, coats and more. You’ll find traditional fall/winter colors as well as unexpected hues.

Cropped coats

Pair a cropped coat with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and tights. And don’t forget a hat and boots for a total head-to-toe look.

Extra-long coats

Here we go from one extreme (the cropped coat) to the other. This year, the longer the better. With longer coats, you don’t have to worry about keeping warm. They also create a longer, leaner profile.

Fur coats

Again, this trend will not appeal to animal lovers. But faux fur coats are always an option. Fur may be in, but fur vests are out.

Padded jackets

While we all try to get rid of our extra padding, it’s acceptable when it’s in the form of a jacket. This year’s padded jackets run the gamut, from just the basics to dainty floral prints.


This heavy double-breasted woolen jacked was originally worn by sailors. Today, this trend applies equally to men and women. Drape a matching or contrasting scarf and you’re good to go.

Plaid coats

From checkered to hound’s-tooth patterns, plaid coats are all the rage. Don’t be afraid to wear a plaid coat over a print sweater or pants.

Puffer coats

They’re baaack! Although this is one trend than many hoped would go away, it’s back with a vengeance. Think beyond black, though; you’ll find a variety of color options.

Red coats

No, we’re not referring to those worn by British soldiers. Today’s red coats are trendier than ever. If you want to make a bold statement, go for a red coat.

Shearling coats

Animal lovers will have to forego this trend, unless they opt for the synthetic version. Shearling coats are typically made of processed lambskin or sheepskin. The pelts are tanned with some of the wool still on them.

Statement coats

When it comes to statement coats, the bolder the better. There are no rules here: Go for vibrant prints, patterns, colors, fabrics, shapes.

Textured coats

Think feathers, sequins and more. Think clear plastic. Think accessories such as brooches and belts.

Toggle-closure coats

Toggle closures add a sophisticated touch, whether on a wool coat or an oversized sweater. Keep in mind that, if you’re wearing winter gloves, toggle closures can be a bit tricky.

Velvet coats

Velvet is no longer relegated to special occasions. This trend took off last year, and this year it’s being spotted everywhere.

Wrap coats

The wrap coat is a timeless look, one that can be dressed up or down. Cinch the belt tight to accentuate a tiny waist or leave it untied for a chic, casual look.


Pop-up shops: everything you need to know

First there were pop-up books for children. Then there were pop-up ads online, which annoyed a lot of people. Now there are pop-up shops, and they’re growing in popularity.

What is a pop-up shop? Also known as pop-up or flash retail, a pop-up shop is a short-term, temporary retail store. The first sightings go back to the ‘90s. Pop-up shops come in many shapes and sizes: They can be set up via rental of a physical store, an indoor or outdoor kiosk, or in a vehicle like a food truck. Around this time of year, you see plenty of Halloween stores that fit this description.

Perhaps one of the most unique pop-up — one that is going viral online — is one affixed 6,000 feet above ground to the side of a cliff. The shop, open only 24 hours, was part of a marketing effort to raise funds for the Access Fund and American Alpine Club.

While most retail owners pride themselves on their store’s longevity, some pop-up shops go for the novelty factor. Stockholm denim label Cheap Monday opened a pop-store for just 10 minutes. There’s what claims to be the smallest pop-up shop — which actually combines the concept of a pop-up book and pop-up shop — for the Ford Fiesta. Recipients who received the mailer were instructed to place their smartphone into the “shop” to go on a virtual test drive. And, in what bills itself as the smallest pop-up shop with the largest inventory, Netshoes opened an online store disguised as a pop-up shop in São Paulo. The shop, about the width of an iPad, even has a door mat and miniscule signage. In the UK, Bunyadi opened a naked pop-up restaurant. How’s that for novelty?

Pop-up shops enable owners to connect with a wide variety of customers they would not have otherwise reached. They are affordable; owners aren’t faced with the high rental associated with a traditional retail store.

Today, pop-up shops have come a long way from the neighborhood kids’ lemonade stand and the stalls at local farmers’ and flea markets. According to industry statistics, they make about $50 billion in sales each year.

So how can you get on the pop-up bandwagon? As with any business, you still need a plan. Start with the basics:

  • Set a goal
  • Do your research (including competitors)
  • Set a budget (include rental/utilities, WiFi, equipment, inventory, staffing, marketing)
  • Pick a location
  • Decide on your store’s look/layout
  • Determine prices for your products
  • Build brand awareness

Pop-up stores also can serve as a real-time testing site. Because you don’t need the amount of inventory required for a traditional store, you can change up your products more often based on supply and demand. Poll your customers to obtain demographics, preferences and other information. Be sure to have an in-store signup and capture email addresses for marketing efforts.

How do you determine if your pop-up shop is a success? Again, the metrics are similar to those of online and traditional brick-and-mortar stores:

  • Track your (foot) traffic
  • Analyze sales data
  • Ask for customer feedback
  • Monitor social media “buzz”

A great way to announce your pop-up to the world is to hold a launch party or a “soft” opening. Invite family, friends, the local community and the media. Everyone loves a party, and you’ll love the opportunity to showcase your shop.


Blast from the past – celebrating 90 years

Superior Model Form is celebrating its 90th anniversary of providing high-quality mannequins. That’s a lot of outfits! Trends have evolved quite a bit since 1926. Our fashion timeline shows just how much things have changed:



Top retail trends for 2016

The retail landscape is evolving rapidly. 2015 saw many changes in merchandising trends, payment methods, purchasing power, and more. Here’s where we see the retail landscape going in the coming year.

The rise of the millennials will continue to affect businesses. Although these young adults came of age during a financial crisis, they now have prime purchasing power. Catering to this demographic is key. The millennial generation tends to be more socially-conscious than their forbears. Their focus is on authenticity: think locally- and ethically-made goods of lasting quality.

Social shopping
will become an even greater influence. Whether through submitting reviews through sites such as Yelp, social media interaction with brands, or contributing user-generated content to their favorite companies, the consumer is increasingly involved in creating the conversation. The best bet in the coming year is to create new avenues for engagement, and to listen! Use social media to interact with consumers. Look for new ways to use user-generated content. Monitor online reviews, and respond appropriately. By interacting with your audience, you’ll both gain new business and improve brand loyalty with existing customers.

New payment options are gaining traction in 2016. No longer limited to cash or credit, consumers are increasingly paying through mobile means. PayPal Here, Google Wallet, Android Pay, and Venmo are all new options that are popular with shoppers. Offering payment via app is an easy way to stay on the cutting edge while keeping the shopping experience convenient for all of your customers.



The Colors of Spring 2016

This spring, the hot colors are inspired by nature – with a botanical twist. In a continuation of last year’s pastel trend, red carpets are showing items in decidedly floral hues, such as pale blue and pink, minty blues, light grays, tans, and yellows. Things are looking a little more vivid, though – splashy tones in coral, green, blue, and red are also hot this year.

The top 10 Pantone colors of Spring 16 are:

• Buttercup
• Fiesta
• Green Flash
• Iced Coffee
• Lilac Gray
• Limpet Shell
• Peach Echo
• Rose Quartz
• Serenity
• Snorkel Blue

These hues are sunny, exciting, and transporting, ready to evoke feelings of optimism and transformation in their wearers. Get ready to see these colors sell big!



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